in the order of the number of strokes in their surnames

1. Feng Tianyu, professor at Wuhan University, Ph.D. supervisor, and the president of Hubei Association of Chinese Historians

2. Sun Bangchun, artist, and the former dean of Wuhan Song and Dance Theatre

3. Liu Jiangchao, the former chairman and secretary of Wushang Group, winner of “The National May 1 Labour Medal”

4. Leng Jun, dean of Wuhan Fine Art Academy, the national first-class artist, vice-chairman of Hubei Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles

5. Tai Lihua, president of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, National Model Worker, winner of CCTV “Touching China” Award

6. YuKai, professor at Beijing Normal University, dean of Educational Management School, host of state-level top-quality course

7. Su Guibei, former member of Women’s National Wrestling Team, championship holder of many competitions in women’s national wrestling

8. Wang Aiqun, president and party secretary of Zhongbai Holdings Group Co. Ltd., National Model Worker

9. Wang Yaonan, famous lexicographer, theorist in lexicography and exegetics, former vice-president of the Lexicographical Society of China

10. Hu Dan, president of Aeon Agricultural Cooperatives of Wuhan, delegate of the 14th Wuhan Municipal Congress

11. Hu Yongsheng, researcher and Ph.D. supervisor of Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and 2016 “Young Science and Technology Award of China”

12. Liu Ying, hostess of Wuhan Broadcasting and Television Station, winner of national “Golden Mic Award”

13. Duan Yiqun, director of dermatology department of Wuhan No.1 Hospital, winner of “The National May 1 Labour Medal” and “Chinese Physician Prize”

14. Guo Jing, anchorperson of China National Radio, winner of national “Golden Mic Award” and “China News Award”

15. Yin Anjian, film director, winner of national “The Best Works Award”, “Flying Goddess Award” and “Golden Eagle Award”

16. Xia Juhua, acrobatic artist, former member of National People’s Congress Standing Committee, and former chairman of China Acrobats Association

17. Cai Xue’en, director of Dewell & Partners Law Firm, winner of the title of “National Outstanding Lawyer” and “Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Hubei Province” ...

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