Ways of Donation:

1. On-site donation at the following addresses:

    Each school of Jianghan University, each branch of the alumni association or secretariat of Educational Development Foundation of Jianghan University.

2. Post Office donation to the following address:

    Educational Development Foundation of Jianghan University, 8 Sanjiaohu Road, Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone, Wuhan 430056, Hubei, China.

    Tel: +86-27-84225199

    Email: jdxyh@jhun.edu.cn

    Please write down your name, address, telephone number and graduation information.

3. Donation transferred to bank account:

    Educational Development Foundation of Jianghan University

   Account number: 561257527025

   Account opened at: Wuhan Xin Jiangda Branch, Bank of China Ltd. Co.

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